Women’s History Month

Sojourners magazine has been celebrating woman’s history month, which is apparently the month of March.  As part of their celebration, Rob Wilson-Black, the CEO of Sojourners, published a piece on the Sojourners web-site entitled “Lean In: How Men Can Support Gender Equity” . Everything one needs to know about the piece is summarized by the following: It has this graphic on the top of the page that says “Making Violence against Women History”.  The web site has under its name the subtitle “Faith in action for social justice”.

To them violence is a problem suffered by women more than men.  War, law enforcement, dangerous occupations, violent crime all kill and maim predominantly men.    Apparently for Sojourners, inequity is violence.  But does it serve the Kingdom to make women the same as men, to die as soldiers, to engage in dangerous dominion activities?  Might I suggest that social justice is no justice and  social justice is not found in the cannon of scripture?  John Frame said that Christian ethics was God’s word applied to people in situations.  His tri-perspectivalism works equally well to describe justice. Justice is God’s Word applied to people in situations.  God’s word is does not support “gender-equity” but gender uniqueness.  God’s word does not seek to stop violence against women, but unjust violence against all persons.  Violence is a canard advanced by the feminists at Sojourners.  No Christian is for violence against any innocent party, especially the unborn.  If Sojourners wants to stop violence against women it would do well to start by stopping violence committed by women that result in 121 million deaths each year in the US alone.  BTW half of those acts of violence committed by women are women. That is 65 million little girls slaughtered befor their birthday. Now that is violence against women!

No doubt the term “violence against women” is to invoke images a drunken wife beater, an out of control unloving “patriarch”.  Surely Rob Wilson realizes that the attitudes of those seeking “ gender-equity “ increases domestic violence and not just against women.  What brings peace is the word of God including its application of true-justice.

Pursuing gender-equity has led to the claim that women have a right to what happens to their body, and since men can fornicate and do not get pregnant a woman can choose to fornicate and if necessary kill, to preserve her equity.

Gender-equity has women fornicating so they can be equal with men.  Some studies indicate that a greater percentage of women than men are fornicating more often with a minority of men.   She is, after all, a princess who deserves the bad-boy/hero/prince.  Gender-equity is fueling the end of civilization.   The solution this Woman’s history month is to celebrate the great women of the past who followed the blueprints of scripture and like Sarah called her husband “Lord”.

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