Wive’s don’t need no stinking repentance!

I just performed a Google search on the string “Repenting Wives” and “wive’s + repentance”.  I only looked at the first several pages of the search query, but What I found that there is a couple of entries on a wife’s power of prayer, but the majority of the hits were about husbands repenting for offenses toward their wife.  Some were on general repentance, but kinda directed at men, not on wives repenting.  I repeated the search with “husbands” substituted for “wive’s” and found many hits directed at the husband and one that seemed to indicate that husbands repent first.

Odd it is that Christendom tells men to repent far more often and with far more force than they do wives.  Odd that is unless feminism has so infected Christendom that the main tenants of feminism have become dogma.

Dogma like these found in the Epistle of St. Oprah:

  • Men commit more sin than women or are at least more responsible.
  • Women are only led to sin and that rarely and because they are responding to sinful men.
  • Women are naturally good and loving.
  • Men are naturally cruel brutes who abuse women spiritually, emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically.
  • Women rarely ever abuse men in any of the above manners, in fact it is a statistical anomaly .
  • Men use sex for lust, women use sex for love.
  • Telling a man to repent is tough love.
  • Telling a woman to repent is harsh and probably sexist.
  • Men are the source of wars, women are the source of peace.
  • For a woman sex is spiritual, for a man it it animalistic.
  • When a woman withholds sex it is for a good reason.
  • When a man fails to initiate sex he is lazy and unloving.
  • Men only want sex, women want companionship and “oneness”.
  • If a woman is unhappy, there is a man to blame.
  • Women don’t need men any more than a bicycle needs a fish decal.
  • Real men are rare, real woman are everywhere.
  • Abuse is to man, like victim is to woman.
  • Single mothers are heroins.
  • Single fathers are fornicating bastards.
  • Not letting an estranged father see his children is good for the children.
  • Not letting an estranged mother see her children is child abuse.
  • Adam sinned, Eve did not sin she was just deceived and that no good Adam didn’t save her not her life is ruined.

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