IndependenceAmerica’s birthday is July 4th commonly known as Independence Day.  It is the day representatives from the 13 colonies signed the declaration of independence, a document that stated their grievances with King George and stated their intensions of self-rule independent of the rule of King George and England.  Independence is in the DNA of the American. The character trait of the rugged individual is adored and celebrated in the folklore of the western expansion, the frontiersman, the cowboy, the inventor and the industrialist.  It is little wonder that independence is often mentioned as a character trait that parents want to instill in their children.  Independence from the government social handouts is virtuous personal responsibility; independence from indentured corporate servitude is laudable economic freedom and independence of thought from the hypnotic media is to protect rationality.  Even the Reformation was a declaration of independence of sorts from the tyrannical abuses of Rome and a return to the truth of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  American’s love their independence and with good reason, it is virtually synonymous with liberty from tyrannical over-reach and has often produced a better human condition.

But not all independence has been a benefit, in fact the human quest for independence has produced more suffering than any other pursuit.  The attempt to be independent of God brought sin and death into the world.  The attempt to live independent of His law inflamed that sin produced the most wicked acts of humanity.  Then there is the modern attempt for men and women to live independent of each other inside the marriage that is destroying the family the very building block of society and God’ dominion taking design.

It is more common than not to hear a parent talk about how they are raising their daughter to be independent or to have an independent career.  This is an unbiblical desire, it is rooted in feminism and a desire to independent of God’s design for the family.  Paul writes  in 1 Corinthians 11:11  Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord.”  The feminist’s training  for independence is training for divorce, something that God hates, and training for female contention in the household. In other words it is preparation for a woman to create the conditions to live a life unmarried or to want a divorce once married and to thrive after the divorce. It is antithetical to the Biblical family and destructive to society.  It ultimately supports fornication as an act if independent pleasure and encourages the destruction of the economic family unit.   It treats the heart and lungs as separate organisms rather than distinct parts of the same organism.  But a heart cannot survive without the lungs nor the lungs independent of the heart.

Both the feminist independence and male analog of men going their own way(MGTOW) fail to unite men and women together in such a way as the union is greater than the sum of the parts in dominion taking dynamo also known as the family.  Both the feminist and the MGTOW operate with fear.  Feminists fear that they will lose their identity in the union and will fail to realize their personal potential if they do not enter the market place and submit to a man.  This is unbiblical fear and why Peter commends women who follow the example of Sarah who are submissive to their own husbands with any terror of the outcome.  It is a denial of the stated purpose of the creation of Eve from the rib of Adam.

The MGTOW fear is more rational in that it observes contemporary happenings and trends and concludes that none are exempt from the destructive force of  female discontent.  MGTOW’s fear that any woman he marries might leverage the family courts to destroy his dominion work, take from him his earnings and remove his children from his life.  He also observes that the women are taught to be perpetually discontent and to withhold sex as a means of declaring her independent control of herself.  He rationally believes that the risk is too great for probability of reward.

While the apostle makes known an exception for those who are called to an asexual existence to remain single, it is the exception not the norm; for God declares that it is not good that man be alone.  He says that the marriage bed is undefiled and that marriage is honorable.  He stated that it is He, God that makes the two one.  God put the heart and lungs together so that His image bearers can take dominion over all creation and reproduce Godly offspring.

Inside this new mysterious union is a hierarchy of authority, and a protocol of communication.  The husband is the head, the representative of God and to God for the covenant marriage.  The wife is a helper to her husband and if he is in error and in disobedience to the Word,  she is to remain submissive to her own husband, without a word, that he may be won by the conduct of his wife, when he observes her chaste conduct accompanied by fear. 1 Peter 3:1-2   Hardly independence as taught by the feminists today.

Too often the church has allowed counseling to be the voice of the wife so that her word not her conduct is prioritized over her husband.  Counselors routinely treat the couple as independent humans rather than a single organism with a God designed authority feedback protocol.  Do you not know that made the two one?   Counselors make it their practice to tear asunder what God has joined by encouraging independent tale-bearing, female insubordination and shaming of masculine expressions of headship.

Dominion will suffer as the family is eviscerated for independence.  The picture of Christ and His Church has already suffered the atomization of individual independence.  Ironically the more independence that women claim from husbands the more tyrannical the state will become.  The only way to enjoy the blessings of liberty, of the comfort s that arise when men take dominion in technology, agriculture energy etc. is to live according to God’s design as dependent creatures.  Dependent on His providential grace and dependent on each other in Biblical marriage.


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