Women in Fatigues.

women-in-combatThere are many reasons for a male only military, some of them are based on battlefield effectiveness, others on societal and social implications and yet others are based on following God’s plan. Dr. John Frame in his ethics class does not define christian ethics as the study of right and wrong, but on what God blesses and what He does not bless. What is understood is that what is right God blesses, although not always as creatures desire, and what is evil God does not bless. God sometime allows evil to prosper and evil desires to be fulfilled, but in the end He brings judgement an curses evil actions. The same can be said about righteousness; it seems as though the righteous are persecuted, but God promises that he will reward the righteous and the testing of their faith is more valuable than riches on earth. (1 Peter 1:7 )

Now that the the pentagon has gone all in for women in combat, I thought it is time to post a position paper that I worked on for a committee my former presbytery. The question of women in combat is a subset of the question of women in the military. I take a position that I believe is the position that God blesses because it is based on His Word.

Women in the military



4 thoughts on “Women in Fatigues.

  1. I remember watching a news story about a group of women who were soldiers, when they had down time they could go places where the men could not – to the villages where they could interact with the women. They were able to educate them and share some simple things like baby powder and tampons. These women could very well influence those mothers to teach their children differently and stop them from going to the next war before it even begins. As to the women who can be rangers, if they volunteered and passed, then they should serve. Don’t discount the contribution a woman can make or the number of lives a woman can save because it’s a woman who made them.


      • Yes there is a difference between cultural engagement and combat. Combat is what the military does, cultural engagement is what missionaries do. Killing people and breaking things is pretty much the job description of the military. If a woman wants to culturally engage she can become a missionary or join the peace corps with her husband’s of father’s approval.


    • Don’t discount the contribution a woman can make or the number of lives a woman can save because it’s a woman who made them.

      Jamie, It sounds like you might discounting the word of God because women are able to disobey it with competence. The “contributions” you list are not activities for the military, but for missionaries.


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